Performance – part 2

My last post on performance as I mentioned probably over stated how things were going and seemed to jinx things as a lot of those stocks are down since!

As we are a couple of months away from the end of the financial year, and I have managed to keep up posting here for 4 months it got me thinking how exactly have I been going? Remember the earlier post I just tried to replicate if someone copied this blog’s ideas. However I don’t have the time to necessarily post every idea and it also ignored weightings in given stocks. In seeing quite a few other blogs mention their performance figures I also wondered how good or selective their record keeping maybe as we all sometimes can be in this game (a bit like at the racetrack) only like to chat about our winners. Don’t get me wrong though there are some great blogs out there that are better to read, I am only a rookie at this blogging stuff! The aspect I liked about having my own self managed super fund for nearly a couple of years now is there is no way to hide from the figures. That is, there is no spreadsheet that you can hide a loss, or an extra brokerage account that didn’t do well and you forget about it, or simply make unrealistic claims as the figures get thrusted in your face. At least the SMSF gets audited at the end of the financial year. My SMSF as a very rough guide for context is about a third of my investable funds. I try to keep this as a diversified portfolio in its own outright. Many of the trades and holdings mentioned here are part of it. The main difference is I only use the ASX for the SMSF, but am exposed to foreign currencies by various holdings within it. eg overseas LICs.

The numbers show my first year 14/15 I returned 14%, I note then the ASX200 accumulation index returned 5.7%. I was particularly pleased because it actually looks better than that when I consider the rollover funds were received on August 8 when the market was up and then went higher the next few weeks. So it was a tricky beginning getting set.

As I run the numbers this financial year (unaudited), as I write I am up about 11%.
I don’t have the exact ASX 200 accumulation figures but it’s probably around very close to zero as I write.

Whilst I am sure there are heaps of investors out there with far better figures, that does not worry me. My style is to be quite diversified and have held quite high cash balances often close to 30% as opportunities the last 2 years have not been exciting compared to 2009-2013. I prefer aiming to keep drawdowns less than other investors whilst I don’t have a regular salary.

And it’s at least some figures I can say can be verified from the audited SMSF process. Once the financial year accounts for 2015 are finalised probably in August I shall provide an update under this category.

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