Month: June 2016

A one-off update for a while I hope!

Whilst I didn’t think I would add to the blog until nearly August, given what is occurring I still wish to add briefly if I am making any trades. I didn’t see all that many other blogs operating along those lines so I at least want to keep the flow and transparency going even if I am taking a break from writing too much here. Continue reading “A one-off update for a while I hope!”

Digital detox.

I will likely be inactive here over the next month or two. Will be trying to focus a bit more deeply on investment ideas and some other non investment pursuits.

It will involve perhaps much less watching the ticker tape and news constantly during trading hours and checking all the various media and messaging apps. Will try more reading of annual reports and company presentations, and some more lengthier pieces on the macro environment and possibly some investment  books. Continue reading “Digital detox.”

Holdings updates – AIK, KBC, AIQ, MEL, GVF,VNL:LN

AIK – They announced another rights issue which I am again more than happy to participate as it is for growth opportunities that they are paying cheap multiples for that offer plenty of synergies. Continue reading “Holdings updates – AIK, KBC, AIQ, MEL, GVF,VNL:LN”

HHY cheap if you can get stock at 10.5 cents

HHY – I topped up on some HHY at 10.5 cents recently for a couple of reasons. They have a large investment in CSE which I have written about that should give a good kick to the May NTA when released and probably hasn’t been fully reflected in the stock.

Continue reading “HHY cheap if you can get stock at 10.5 cents”

Tax loss selling

I came across this story and thought it is a worthwhile read this time of year. I don’t necessarily have a strong view that the ASX needs to have a terrible June on the basis of this theory but I always believe it can be a head wind. The first few days have not looked strong either.

I agree with the point made that when you are looking to perhaps crystalize some dogs in the portfolio to offset losses against gains, you need to be thinking about this in May or earlier.

I also fully agree, and I have noticed myself over the years that tax loss selling tends to peak about mid June or maybe the third week. Stocks don’t suffer the worst of the tax loss selling in the last week or last few days as some may suspect. Every year I pay particular attention to stocks that are down a lot and could be the targets of tax loss selling with the mindset the opportunity to buy could be greatest during the middle of June. It can be particular rewarding if you can find some companies trading on low volume that you like that are clearly showing signs of tax loss selling.

The article may be useful to some also because it lists a lot of the main stocks and the losses that investors could be facing, therefore some likely targets. Here is the link.