Month: September 2016

Boardroom battles for small LICs (HHY & NGE). APW & GJT updates.

NGE – The proposal to establish a LIC is set for later this month. If they had of gone about this the right way (e.g. combine with some cornerstone investors to double the size paying NTA, detailed presentations highlighting management expenses and investment strategy) perhaps I could have supported this.

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UOS – The share price suddenly looks interesting after I have slowly accumulated this on a number of different occasions from a bit over a year ago now. I estimate on average buying mostly at 48-49 and have received decent dividends yet until recently (traded 60 cents late yesterday) it has been a reasonably boring ride. Having said that I have been pleased reading about the operational performance of the company in that time. Continue reading “BRIEF UPDATES ON UOS, AGS & NAM.”

Time for Wilson & Century Australia to get together?

If I had to bet on a couple of corporate re structures to occur in the next year or two, they would be for WAA to merge or takeover another investment company to gain size, and CYA to be rolled into a re-branded entity to assist in the market fully valuing assets on hand and the tax losses on the balance sheet. Continue reading “Time for Wilson & Century Australia to get together?”


AGS – Pleased to see the capital return be announced that I was forecasting. I wrote about AGS not long ago here.

As I write I am a little surprised the stock is not higher, they opened at 4.7 cents but it seems a seller is happy to exit. I suppose it gives a chance for someone who hasn’t looked at it to get some perhaps at 4.4 cents, or potentially top up existing holdings. Continue reading “COMMENTS ON AGS,AIQ, MEL & NCC.”

AGF – The only way to invest in USD cash with a decent yield?

Last time I wrote about being underweight the AUD I suggested above 77 on AUD/USD was attractive to make such an underweight more meaningful. I would ideally like to be about 10% underweight around here, but stock selection is my main focus and I never like having too much in derivatives or low yielding assets to get to such a target. One way in which I have now managed that recently is by buying some AGF and also the GOLD ETF on the ASX which I already mentioned this week, more so when the AUD/USD around 76.4 but some higher. Continue reading “AGF – The only way to invest in USD cash with a decent yield?”