Month: October 2016

How have the stocks mentioned here fared this year?

As mentioned here last blog post, here is a snapshot of how the stocks I have mentioned this year have gone. Also as discussed in the last blog post, I can’t guarantee I can keep this tracking up as it is a little onerous. I imagine though I will be posting less of my actual trades going forward, so that may assist in at least loosely tracking how stocks discussed have fared. I want to achieve a balance of not coming across as a stock tipster and promoter to follow directly, but at the same make many of my investment thoughts accountable as to their progress. If I never occasionally look back at some of the performance, the blog may lack a bit of purpose. Continue reading “How have the stocks mentioned here fared this year?”



I meant to write this post when beginning the blog to assist in describing my investment style but it slipped my mind. It resurfaced in my thinking when I recently read a book Margin of Safety, by Seth Klarman. Some areas he cites in the book that are useful to look for opportunities are very similar to what I look for. Continue reading “WHERE INSTITUTIONS AVOID AND RETAIL INVESTORS FIND BORING”


I nearly always enter an investment assuming I may be holding that company in terms of years not months, but with some selling I have done of late it hasn’t turned out that way. A month or two ago I pointed out the difference in performance of the leading companies on the ASX versus the small ordinaries over the last year or so. Continue reading “TAKING PROFITS IN SOME SMALLER LICs”

Seinfeld, active fund managers underperforming, the pound and IG markets, AGF & KAR / NGE.

Seinfeld & fund managers underperforming

Firstly I want to touch on the volatility in the pound. Most of this year I have broadly favoured looking for foreign currency exposure when AUD/USD is above 75 and more so at 77 as a guide. Continue reading “Seinfeld, active fund managers underperforming, the pound and IG markets, AGF & KAR / NGE.”