Selling NST, buying nothing!

I was stopped out of NST today at 3.92. It’s a little disappointing to let go of NST, EVN & OGC in recent months as I thought the environment had the potential to push these even higher still. By the same token I had a great run in them all, NST mentioned here in January though have held longer.

I still have a strong view the gold price will be much higher in years to come, however in the mean time I couldn’t rule out gold shares getting even hit more this year before that occurs. There has been some huge returns in the sector over the last year or two so like myself others may be content to go for the exit door. So I am treading carefully here, for the time being still a holder of RMS & GDXJ:US.

It feels very hard to come up with new investable ideas in the markets right now so the lightening up of these gold holdings of late, and potentially any more will likely sit in cash for a while for me. Some small to medium cap stocks are still looking strong and it’s also getting tempting to raise cash from the strength seen there. In the LIC sector it is very hard to find any value in regards to discount to NTA plays.

There is usually some unloved sectors and markets in the world no matter what is happening to the major indices but they seem very difficult to come across right now.

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