1. Hey Steve, enjoyed your thoughts. Agree about RBL, my personal biases stopped me from buying sharesearlier, but the numbers seem to suggest it could be a long term beneficiary and actually looks reasonably priced in this market.

  2. Yeah the run in the share price from March to September didn’t offer much of a pullback at all. This market has seen a huge run in those stocks where covid lockdowns have benefited them, but I thought on a relative basis perhaps even RBL could have gone up more given the numbers it is producing.

    All these stocks tended to be down last night on the back of the vaccine news. It has been playing on my mind that RBL could get dragged down in that theme even though I think it is one that doesn’t deserve to. Perhaps for investors like me we get another chance to add more closer to $3. Investors last night really wanted to dump these sorts of stocks and rotate into tourism stocks and anything that will turnaround from a vaccine.

  3. Oh by the way some are probably wondering now that RBL is crashing if I am buying more. The goal in the back of my mind when writing this was to roughly build my position at an average entry overall of about $4 and sit on that. The stock obviously can be volatile and get dragged into sentiment for others such as KGN, TPW or any stock that is perceived to have benefited from covid lockdown.

    I have not the faintest idea where the stock price is headed in the shorter term. I just thought building a position over a few stages might be less stressful. So I am hoping to have a couple of more nibbles if we see around $3.60 and then $3. I have plucked those levels out of you know where.

    SSG I already own enough so happy to sit on that longer term.

    As always, don’t take what I do as any guide. My track record on RBL thus far might tell you that anyway!

  4. Have been reading some other investor’s thoughts lately on RBL so I thought I would post the links here. These videos / articles appeared in December after I wrote this above blog post.

    Just looking at my comments now on this thread and once again I wasn’t very clever on timing on RBL as was wondering if I should own more. I was actually out and about the morning when RBL shares really crashed. I had an order in to top up my position and I think they got within 20 cents of a buy order that I had in at 3.60 at the time.

    Oh well so close yet so far. Maybe on reflection my current position size is enough. I am a bull on RBL and it is interesting to hear in this first video link Andrew Rosenblum give his thoughts. I agree about how he describes the customer experiencing getting a ”personalized” product is a good one. Perhaps my nagging doubts in making RBL a bigger position is whether this trend always sticks around. Will one day these meme style shirts / products or small artist designs seem a bit daggy? As I said I am not a trendy enough individual to know! Andrew here thinks the trend will only get stronger in a positive way.

    Here is the video link, RBL gets discussed more in detail well into the video, at 57 min mark I think..


    Below is a link from a research piece from Tony Hansen. I think RBL might be either his no.1 or no.2 holding in his portfolio at the moment from memory..


  5. I must admit I was expecting the positive revenue growth to filter down more to earnings than what appears to be happening. The way I have predicted RBL in the last year means the fact that I have exited nearly all my position at the open this morning is probably a buy signal!

    I shall read with interest some of the bullish investors and curious to see their take on things after today’s update. The argument might be that the company is somewhat sacrificing some better looking earnings in the short term to better position for their great long term growth prospects. I got rid of nearly all my position in the opening auction at 5.15 and will ponder over the next few weeks whether I bother holding the tiny bit I still have. By no means a disaster as it is a rough break even for me as I didn’t accumulate at the highs. Yet in such a strong market quite a disappointing decision from me. But for the time being I feel like current prices require a lot of faith in management’s vision.

    Interested if others (unlike me) still have diamond hands and are backing the truck up here!?

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