Blog categories


As I am new to this blogging game the page looks a bit disorganised with everything under one post each fortnight. It will be broken up as I am sure certain sections may not interest some yet other sections may. Asset allocation, currencies, trade decisions, stock news / research and investment themes I am watching out for will be the 5 main areas I’ll post under now. Whilst the plan was to invest full time, I have had some other focus areas so far this year. My time now is at least freed up a bit more the next 2 months. So hopefully I can do a better job on my posts rather than my rushed typing of thoughts over the fortnight. I hope to write something more soon about  reviewing some performance.

Interactive blog

Initially I started this blog mainly to develop a routine to my investing as with this being almost a full time commitment now I figured that was important, together with making my decisions more accountable and helping me not over trade given I am trying to document most trades here.

I am new to blogging and found it interesting looking at the viewing statistics recently and was surprised to see more views than I imagined, and also some from interesting places. Whilst it’s “free to look” as you hear in the shops sometimes, it would be interesting to see some comments on my posts here so this post is just to say please don’t hesitate. Some opposite opinions also welcome as I always say to prevent confirmation bias it is good to hear the other side. Also those who hold some of the stocks I write about may have far more in depth knowledge than myself. With other commitments now I can only manage to scramble together an hour or so a fortnight to expand and write about little notes I have jotted down over the period so I only just scratch the surface on many issues. So others may be able to add to the very brief information I provide on stocks.

To personalise things a bit more, I have a new domain name, and you should be able to see my ugly mug shot if I have uploaded it correctly. If you don’t learn or profit from any of my writings, you can at least have a laugh about my classic “mid-life crisis” career change and watch someone have fun destroying their wealth! I might upload some travel info just to make sure I don’t get bored of this blog! Sometimes after a busy couple of weeks I am tempted to let this blogging phase slip, but preferably I’d like to continue and eventually look back on things with interest to see where I can improve.


Format of blog

I shall be sticking to a regular format which I have recently been emailing out to a few friends. It is a commentary  that touches on the themes I am focused on in the short term. I shall post the commentary here, and start with posting the first two made in January 2016. .

By no means will all my holdings and decisions always be revealed here. One outcome I am contemplating via this blog is potentially to have 10 or 20 perhaps similar style investors whom we can use as a network to exchange ideas. Collectively on occasions it may have the potential to influence the strategic direction of a company.