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Stocks I will comment on below include KAR, VNL:LN, ILU, MAH, NAM, AIQ , TTS, AIK (code changed to COG ), SSM, UOS. Continue reading “INDIVIDUAL STOCK UPDATES”


AGS – Pleased to see the capital return be announced that I was forecasting. I wrote about AGS not long ago here.


As I write I am a little surprised the stock is not higher, they opened at 4.7 cents but it seems a seller is happy to exit. I suppose it gives a chance for someone who hasn’t looked at it to get some perhaps at 4.4 cents, or potentially top up existing holdings. Continue reading “COMMENTS ON AGS,AIQ, MEL & NCC.”


I am catching up about writing a few more details on some of the companies I owned that have had some news of significance over the last couple of months. Here are some thoughts, forgive me if at times it appears I have written this a few weeks ago as this may have been the case in some instances. Continue reading “COMPANY HOLDINGS UPDATES – MEL, KBC, AIK, ELD, UPG, AIQ.”

Various recent portfolio changes

I would have to admit I am quite staggered by the moves we have seen since Brexit. I am not surprised that the market found some support given the initial panic, but to post new highs so quickly together with highs in bonds and in the gold price was a shock to me. Continue reading “Various recent portfolio changes”

Holdings updates – AIK, KBC, AIQ, MEL, GVF,VNL:LN

AIK – They announced another rights issue which I am again more than happy to participate as it is for growth opportunities that they are paying cheap multiples for that offer plenty of synergies. Continue reading “Holdings updates – AIK, KBC, AIQ, MEL, GVF,VNL:LN”

Reporting season and equities find support

Period 2nd half February 2016, written March 2nd

Asset Allocation

Since the last report a fortnight ago the volatility has somewhat subsided, with equity markets slowly grinding higher. Pretty typical when markets climb. Continue reading “Reporting season and equities find support”