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AGS – I have made it known on the blog that I have a healthy respect for the investment ideas of Gabriel Radzyminski at Sandon Capital, who is also involved at MVT which I own. Continue reading “AGS & AIK”


I am catching up about writing a few more details on some of the companies I owned that have had some news of significance over the last couple of months. Here are some thoughts, forgive me if at times it appears I have written this a few weeks ago as this may have been the case in some instances. Continue reading “COMPANY HOLDINGS UPDATES – MEL, KBC, AIK, ELD, UPG, AIQ.”

Holdings updates – AIK, KBC, AIQ, MEL, GVF,VNL:LN

AIK – They announced another rights issue which I am again more than happy to participate as it is for growth opportunities that they are paying cheap multiples for that offer plenty of synergies. Continue reading “Holdings updates – AIK, KBC, AIQ, MEL, GVF,VNL:LN”

Volatility gone for now..

Asset Allocation

I have been stopped out on the more defensive positioning of the portfolio when the DOW rose above 17,500. So my cash equivalents are around 31%. For clarification, I call them cash equivalents as some of this may not be strictly cash, rather could be wind up or takeover arbitrage situations that I consider extremely low beta to stock markets and that usually have a more defined date that they will convert to cash. Continue reading “Volatility gone for now..”