Some strategies / aspects of investing that may feature more often here are deep value, activism, ASX LICs, special situation, FIRE, dividends, & global asset allocation.

I hope you find something new and useful from these.

When to sell, don’t get stuck in a value trap!

  • A good post to think about when to sell, an often underexplored area in investing. I’ve had a tough start to 2019 and could relate to the old “thesis creep” trap! 


Should value investors try and short stocks?

  • If you are thinking of expanding your toolkit to short individual stocks, I would read this first. It can be a difficult, time consuming, and a stressful method to add value. I have enough trouble on the long side! 

Are markets outside of the US better value?

  • Perhaps a consensus view but I find it hard to argue against it.


“Time in the market” always wins, or does it?

  • A bit of a twist to the “time in the market” posts we always read. Having some awareness of trend following with your investing may not be totally crazy. 


Real “skin in the game”, or not?

  • An article from Sandon Capital on activism, company boards and corporate governance. I would also like to see company boards formed with more of an influence from shareholders rather than more of a “mates club” look. I have been disappointed with the board of the Australian Leaders Fund (ALF). On the other hand very pleased with how Spicers (SRS) has gone, where the new board involved key shareholders with real skin in the game.

Closed End Funds (CEFs), ASX LICs, a very long term look

  • Warning very long academic read for investing geeks interested about the US equivalent of LICs, Closed End Funds (CEFs). Written in 1991 but I see the same trends in LICs today, perhaps nothing much has changed?

Shareholder activism

  • A shareholder activist letter that gets personal! Sometimes I wish my struggling stocks I own and their management teams were subject to some hard truths with a letter like this. Some say Australia is the defamation capital of the world so probably unlikely.


Active vs passive investing emerging markets

  • Thanks to reader John for this link above and below. It is an area I want to learn more about whether active managers in general are doing better in less developed markets? Their marketing teams like spinning the story that they can!

In the long run we are all dead

  • I consider the CS yearbook a must read for investors for the big picture overview. A very long term historical view. Think twice before you extrapolate and easy 7% real return when planning your retirement. Don’t forget taxes, fees and the fact you will unfortunately not likely pick the best countries over the next 50 years. And it will be a volatile ride! Good luck anyway 😊

More on shareholder activism from a global context

  • If you think the CS yearbook is a long read then be careful of the above. Those interested in activist investing may enjoy this yearly review. Seems to be a view that activists are turning their focus to Europe and Asia, as less opportunities present themselves in the US.

Ellerston Asian Investments Options

  • This blog article raises some questions over Ellerston Asian Investments (EAI) and their communications and decision to partially underwrite the recent option issue.

Now some articles elsewhere from myself..

LICs discounts / premiums to NTA

WAM Capital and franked dividends

Is Ellerston Asian Investments a buy?


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