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At first glance this blog post might appear to be only relevant to Contrarian Value Fund Ltd (ASX:CVF) and Global Value Fund Ltd (ASX:GVF) shareholders. I thought it was worth posting though because all LIC investors generally should ideally make themselves aware about certain issues. Part of the attraction for a fund manager launching a LIC is it is very “sticky” AUM revenue. Investors cannot redeem their funds like the traditional open-end managed fund structure. This “stickiness” of AUM fee revenue for the fund manager can often usually last for a decade whereby many Investment Management Agreements (IMAs) set their terms at 10 years.


LAZY 2020 ASX LIC BASED PORTFOLIO – & reflecting on 2019

The idea for this lazy portfolio experiment was for it to track a portfolio that required little thinking and tinkering. In keeping up with the lazy theme I shall try and make this post relatively brief (well only in comparison to my last blog post anyway), as it is nearing Christmas and time for a break! To those who are not familiar with this hypothetical portfolio experiment, here is a link to the background for how it started.

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Guest Post – The ‘Melbourne Cup of LICs’: Our form guide and three favourites

This is a guest post that I thought would be of interest to my readers. It is in the spirit of Melbourne Cup Day, so I will be tempted soon in having my own punt on a LIC trifecta in the comments section at the end (feel free to do the same). Please read below to find out more about the author. (Note I have no affiliation with the below author / business).

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Unusual Fees in LICs?

There are now well over 100 ASX LICs. I must have looked reasonably closely at the fee structures of more than half of the current crop and have noticed a couple with unusual structures. I would be interested in the view from others about these features, and also if other LICs follow a similar arrangement? Continue reading “Unusual Fees in LICs?”


I came across a couple of articles in the last week or so that reminded me we are indeed in buoyant times with regards to the appetite for new LICs, reminding me about the times just before about 2005. This eventually spelled trouble for many as they were hit with widening discounts to NTA after the GFC. Continue reading “DANGER IN LICs?”


The CYA transaction got me thinking to the extent similar deals have occurred in the past. There are a few fund managers who will examine investing in LICs, yet the vast majority don’t. I’d like to better understand why many avoided LICs in 2009-2012. Continue reading “MERGERS, ACQUISITIONS AND WIND-UPS IN THE LIC SECTOR”


I wrote a couple of months back about an activist LIC in GVF was a good opportunity at the time with the discount to NTA over 10% and I note with interest already today the discount has closed completely. I think investors like the fact it gives them non AUD exposure, this has assisted their numbers greatly since listing. They also probably appreciate it offers a different investing style, it can have some comparison with 2 other LICs mentioned below. Continue reading “ACTIVIST LIC’s”

Simplifying the portfolio & raising cash. Small market inefficiencies in the LIC space.

Recently I wrote that I had some shorts in the US indices that in part gave me protection to pursue some more compelling opportunities on the long side. Continue reading “Simplifying the portfolio & raising cash. Small market inefficiencies in the LIC space.”