Some strategies / aspects of investing that may feature more often here are deep value, activism, ASX LICs, special situation, FIRE, dividends, & global asset allocation.

I hope you find something new and useful from these. Some articles from myself are at the end.

Value Investing – finding hidden value

Is another tech bust coming?

Breaking down the details in some of the underperformance of value investing strategies

Bogle, active versus passive investing, diversification, factor investing.

Quant based article on value investor Benjamin Graham’s net-net investing strategy

Activist short campaigns, social media and stock manipulation

This post highlights some of the variance to “average” yearly returns.

Another post from Ben Carlson. Have you studied up the last two decades of investing returns thinking that covers long term? Perhaps we need to look back a bit further?

Some interesting slides on factor investing and other themes

An investment newsletter from around 20 years ago. Does it sound like it could have been written today?

Finally some articles from myself.

I explore two global closed end funds with strategies for discount capture and activism on other closed end funds.

AVI Global Trust Review – AGT:LSE

Special Opportunities Fund Review – Bulldog Investors

Just before I finish this blog post, I don’t own these 2 LICs but if I did I would probably write more..


ASX Announcements from..

WCM Global Growth Ltd. (ASX:WQG)

NAOS Emerging Opportunities Company Ltd. (ASX:NCC)

Are ncc asx shares a buy?

Which Magellan ASX fund should I buy?

Is Thorney opportunities a buy? TOP ASX

Are share purchase plans a good idea? E.g. AFIC share purchase plan, Argo share purchase plan?

Are asx lics a good investment?

Is Templeton global growth fund a buy?

Should I invest in FGG or FGX ASX LICs?

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