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Volatility gone for now..

Asset Allocation

I have been stopped out on the more defensive positioning of the portfolio when the DOW rose above 17,500. So my cash equivalents are around 31%. For clarification, I call them cash equivalents as some of this may not be strictly cash, rather could be wind up or takeover arbitrage situations that I consider extremely low beta to stock markets and that usually have a more defined date that they will convert to cash. Continue reading “Volatility gone for now..”

Happy 7th year birthday for the bull market.

Period 1st half March 2016, written March 11th

Asset Allocation

The stronger equity markets of late has not been the ideal scenario I was looking for. There is a reasonable chance the short trades I placed on the US indices will get stopped out. Whilst they exist at present my cash equivalents weight is marginally lower at 43%. Some small physical buy trades got filled which I will comment further on below. Continue reading “Happy 7th year birthday for the bull market.”

Reporting season and equities find support

Period 2nd half February 2016, written March 2nd

Asset Allocation

Since the last report a fortnight ago the volatility has somewhat subsided, with equity markets slowly grinding higher. Pretty typical when markets climb. Continue reading “Reporting season and equities find support”