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ASX LICs and Claytons Buybacks

I am not sure where I first read of someone describing a buyback of the “Claytons” variety, but ASX Listed Investment Companies are relevant to this topic. Perhaps I first read about Claytons buybacks here. Since then though it is always in my mind when I look at certain companies release their buyback announcements, especially LICs. Continue reading “ASX LICs and Claytons Buybacks”


Some strategies / aspects of investing that may feature more often here are deep value, activism, ASX LICs, special situation, FIRE, dividends, & global asset allocation. Continue reading “VALUE INVESTING READING LINKS FROM JANUARY”

LIC Investing – 10 factors to check before buying.

A checklist for buying ASX Listed Investment Companies (LICs)

When I look back at my investing mistakes, one common theme is rushing into a new purchase. I find I have usually done better when a number of months pass until I begin accumulating a position in a new idea.

When investing in LICs I try to make sure I have considered numerous factors first. That helps me avoid getting itchy fingers and hitting the buy button quickly. Continue reading “LIC Investing – 10 factors to check before buying.”

The other side to the older, low fee LICs.

Advantages of these ASX LICs well documented from the likes of the Barefoot Investor and financial media in general.

The positives of the older, low fee ASX LICs I feel are very well known and covered. They have usually got a good run in the financial press from the likes of the Barefoot Investor, and deservedly so. I personally think they have been excellent investment products for so many for such a long time. I particularly like the positive influence they have had on investors helping them with the behavioural aspects. i.e. sticking the course and seeing the benefits of compounding, highlighting dividend returns and benefits from not overtrading, including taxation benefits.

Now for the other side..

Now for the section where I might receive some negative feedback!

Continue reading “The other side to the older, low fee LICs.”


Please do not read these comments as advice for making decisions on the below stocks.

My financial goals and circumstances may be totally different to yours and my decisions could be totally irrelevant. And readers cannot be sure I have a clue what is going on anyway, or what my track record is!

Before I begin on some notes I made on some of my holdings (warning – this is a long post of individual stock comments), I thought I would just point out a link to an article about the latest offering from Magellan. Continue reading “REPORTING SEASON WRAP UP, BUT FIRST SOME FURTHER THOUGHTS ON INTERNATIONAL LICs.”


There has been quite a bit of shift in what is driving performance on the ASX since the 3rd quarter of 2016. At that time, I was surprised to note the extent of the outperformance of small caps compared to large caps for the previous year. Continue reading “HOW TO RESPOND TO THE POPULARITY OF PASSIVE INVESTING?”