AIMS Property Securities Fund (APW)

Firstly, just in case anyone missed it (it is not particularly obvious browsing the company news headlines), there is a request to wind up APW. Fred Woollard from Samuel Terry Asset Management has instigated this, and the expectation is AIMS cannot vote.

Some unitholders contacted me in August with similar frustrations with APW when I questioned whether AIMS could vote or not. I’ll try and get in touch again shortly, but I don’t want to miss any old emails on this so feel free to get in touch with me in the meantime at if you are ok to let me know your votes that you may be able to cast in favour of a wind up. Maybe there are other others reading this that I haven’t yet had contact from that may also wish to do the same.


It would be a shame to let complacency or apathy to affect the voting outcome in what could be the last chance of a wind up. Fred wants to know of any support even if it is small so I am happy to pass this info on, or obviously if you prefer you can pass it on to him directly.




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