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LAZY 2020 ASX LIC BASED PORTFOLIO – & reflecting on 2019

The idea for this lazy portfolio experiment was for it to track a portfolio that required little thinking and tinkering. In keeping up with the lazy theme I shall try and make this post relatively brief (well only in comparison to my last blog post anyway), as it is nearing Christmas and time for a break! To those who are not familiar with this hypothetical portfolio experiment, here is a link to the background for how it started.

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LAZY 2019 LIC BASED PORTFOLIO. – thanks to Sharesight discount offer.

It is approaching that time of year where I am looking forward to some lazy time having a beer or two whilst watching the Boxing Day Test Match on TV. I thought it was also worth discussing how a lazier way of investing can work. One that involves its fair share of ASX Listed Investment Companies (LICs). Continue reading “LAZY 2019 LIC BASED PORTFOLIO. – thanks to Sharesight discount offer.”

Management AIMS for a Claytons buyback?

In a recent blog post I suspected that the latest ALI buyback announcement appeared to be of the Claytons variety. Claytons was a non-alcoholic drink but marketed in the 80s as “the drink you have when you are not really having a drink”. It was to give the impression you are out having a drink, but wasn’t quite the same. Continue reading “Management AIMS for a Claytons buyback?”


Please do not read these comments as advice for making decisions on the below stocks.

My financial goals and circumstances may be totally different to yours and my decisions could be totally irrelevant. And readers cannot be sure I have a clue what is going on anyway, or what my track record is!

Before I begin on some notes I made on some of my holdings (warning – this is a long post of individual stock comments), I thought I would just point out a link to an article about the latest offering from Magellan. Continue reading “REPORTING SEASON WRAP UP, BUT FIRST SOME FURTHER THOUGHTS ON INTERNATIONAL LICs.”



Disappointed with the voting results but not entirely unexpected, I thought things may be close all along. When I say close, obviously I refer to the numbers adjusting for the prospect the courts would later on decide that the AIMS stake does not count towards the outcome. Continue reading “THE AIMS WIND-UP VOTE”


CYA – Still looks quite cheap at 90 cents when the ASX200 is around 5,550. Wilson put out their document and it looks like this will simply be a vehicle with a mix of the WAA and WAX strategies. Continue reading “CYA, NGE, REF, MVT, AIK, AGF, CEE:US, TTS, CLT, SVWPA, APW.”

AIMS Property Securities Fund (APW)

Firstly, just in case anyone missed it (it is not particularly obvious browsing the company news headlines), there is a request to wind up APW. Fred Woollard from Samuel Terry Asset Management has instigated this, and the expectation is AIMS cannot vote. Continue reading “AIMS Property Securities Fund (APW)”