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Management AIMS for a Claytons buyback?

In a recent blog post I suspected that the latest ALI buyback announcement appeared to be of the Claytons variety. Claytons was a non-alcoholic drink but marketed in the 80s as “the drink you have when you are not really having a drink”. It was to give the impression you are out having a drink, but wasn’t quite the same. Continue reading “Management AIMS for a Claytons buyback?”


The voting results but not entirely unexpected, I thought things may be close all along. When I say close, obviously I refer to the numbers adjusting for the prospect the courts would later on decide that the AIMS stake does not count towards the outcome. Continue reading “THE AIMS WIND-UP VOTE”

AIMS Property Securities Fund (APW)

Firstly, just in case anyone missed it (it is not particularly obvious browsing the company news headlines), there is a request to wind up APW. Fred Woollard from Samuel Terry Asset Management has instigated this, and the expectation is AIMS cannot vote. Continue reading “AIMS Property Securities Fund (APW)”